Fashion Journalism

Practical experience on how to cover fashion events for a variety of publications as well as understanding the specifics of interviewing designers in order to get the most out of each interview. Students research, write, attend fashion events, review and edit their work in class and participate in mock interviews to develop real-life skills when dealing with difficult situations with interviewees.

I’ve been the fashion correspondent for various newspapers and magazines, including Catalonia Today, Barcelona Metropolitan, Barcelona Miniguide, Horizon, etc. I’ve created a fun column entitled, “Fashion Savvy or Fashion Faux Pas?” where I assessed the dress style of famous and not-so-famous Catalans in a cheeky sort of way. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a number of up and coming designers as well as seasoned designers including Julie Sohn, Hannibal Laguna, Lydia Delgado, Txell Miras, Antonio Miro, Celestino Garcia, etc.

Costume Design: Theatre

Students learn the entire design process for plays, from the first reading to rehearsals and final curtain call. Students design costumes for various plays and attend local plays to assess costumes.

In Barcelona, I was in charge of the entire design process for two local plays: The Nature and Purpose of the Universe and The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang produced by the Jocular Theatre. More recently, in the Bay Area, I’ve worked with the New Conservatory Theatre Center of San Francisco (NCTC), Hapgood Theatre in Antioch, Bus Barn Stage Co. in Los Altos, the Quixotic Players, the theatre company associated with St. Mary's College in Moraga, and two films, “The Daily Grind” and "The Annual."

History Of Fashion

In “Fashion from the Last 100 Years” students will analyze each decade’s fashion, seen in its historical context -- using politics, cinema, music, and art to better understand its complexities. Students contribute in an integral way by presenting the most important icons of each decade.

Personal Styling

Students learn the ins and outs of the business -- how to plan it; what personal and professional qualities you must have in order to be successful; relevant micro and micro trends; as well as the specifics of the trade: body type analysis, color test, style lines, lengths of garments, unique styles of clothing, as well as accessories including shoes, bags, and jewelry. Preparation of client questions and materials as well as store guides will be discussed.

Trends Forecasting

Students learn the significance of cool hunting and its usefulness in all fields; the history of cool hunting, its different cool hunting work methods, and the heavy hitters in the field. Students work on various individual and group projects in the classroom, online cool hunting, street cool hunting, blogs, and present a final trend board.

Fashion Event Organizing

Students learn everything from choosing an ideal location, specific music, décor, how to conduct fittings, backstage organization, rehearsals, etc. Students attend local fashion catwalks and assess the final results.

I’ve organized a variety of internal student catwalks as well as external catwalks in collaboration with Nodomoda, a highly recognized fashion communications agency in Spain. I’ve also organized children’s charity fashion events in Barcelona which benefited six children’s organizations.

Career Development

Students learn about setting priorities and goals, résumé writing, networking and interviewing skills, as well as choosing the correct dress and presentation skills. The objective of these courses is to increase students’ possibilities for finding work when they enter the job market.

Fundamentals of Management

Become an Entrepreneur in the Fashion World -- During this 3 hour workshop, participants understand the behind-the-scenes method for designing, creating, and launching a fashion consulting company (first piloting it in California and later starting it up in Barcelona) and what personal and professional qualities are needed in order to be a successful in the business world.

Collaborative Projects

Exchange Program for a few weeks or a semester with a design school in Barcelona, such as ESDi, IED, FELICIDAD DUCE, or ELISAVA.

Cool hunting Program for a week or a month in Barcelona: understanding how trends evolve from one city to another and emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity.

Fashion and style workshops:
Ideal for Bridal and Baby Showers, Birthday and Anniversary Parties, Business Meetings, Team-Building Activities, and other Events.

Both conferences are available for any size group and equally valid for men and women of all ages. I guarantee that upon completion, participants will understand more about what styles of clothing and accessories to look for when shopping and how to make the most out of your best qualities.

If you are interested in either of these conferences, email me for further details.

Find Your Best Style

During this exciting 1 to 2 hour interactive conference, participants will be used as models to illustrate different fashion consulting concepts such as body types, color analysis, style lines, fabrics, and how making the “right” choices in clothing and accessories improves a person's self-esteem and their overall image. It’s the antidote to the "fashion fads" where participants will learn what specific styles highlight their unique beauty without worrying about what’s in store windows, fashion magazines, on the international haute couture or prêt-à-porter catwalks.

Make a Great First Impression

In an instant, first impressions are made so it’s extremely important that it’s a great one each time! They affect how other people perceive you and are very difficult to change… so everything is important: from posture, to nails, to shoes, etc. During this interactive 1 hour conference, participants will learn the 10 most important rules when making a first impression, vital in the world of business as well as in all social situations.

    My teaching style is completely interactive and dynamic; I create an environment where everyone participates and learns from each other.

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