Costume Design for Theatre & Film

Here’s a brief description of my creative process with costume design.

  • Meet with the Artistic Director or Producer and discuss the project: play, movie, commercial, etc.
  • Read, research the project, and design a costume plot with images including clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up.
  • Discuss my ideas with the creative team in a collaborative way.
  • Once the costume designs are approved, I meet with the actors; take their measurements and photos and ask their own ideas about the characters and how we can incorporate them into the costume plot.
  • Subsequently I pull (if there’s access to clothes), rent, or buy what I need.
  • Set-up an initial fitting with the actors and any subsequent ones until their costumes are perfect.
  • Attend all production meetings, dress rehearsals, as well as opening night.
  • I promise to carry out the vision of the Director/Producer as well as make each actor feel wonderful and confident in what I’ve chosen for him/her.

    I develop costumes for theatre and film that suits each character perfectly, making actors feel confident and relaxed, which allows them to concentrate solely on their performance.

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