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After any of my services (Fashion Consulting, Personal Shopping, Creating Complete Outfits, or Connecting the Inner and Outer You), you will look and feel fantastic in a blink of an eye. Looking your very best has never been so easy.

Do you need Costume Design or Wardrobe Services for your play, film, commercial, or music video?

I tailor my services to suit your individual needs. Your actors will feel confident and their performances will be enhanced by choosing the appropriate clothes and accessories. The “right” image is crucial and I promise to make the look of your production perfect. I’m a great shopper, know exactly where to go, and have a wealth of contacts in the field so I always come in under budget.

Would you like to offer an Academic Course or a Fun Workshop to adults or teens?

I teach a variety of courses (Fashion Journalism, Costume Design, History of Fashion, Personal Styling, Trends Forecasting, Fashion Show Event Organizing, Career Development, and Fundamentals of Management) as well as Style Workshops including “Find Your Best Style” and “Make a Great Impression.” These courses and workshops can be adjusted to meet your specific time requirements and audience needs.

Do you need Press Coverage for a fashion event, store opening, or a designer interview?

Just tell me where to go and I’ll be there. I provide in-depth coverage of any event and write up a great story in a very descriptive style. I get in close and personal and ask all those questions that others don’t dare. Read some by my articles for a taste of what I offer.

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Marta Wendlinger's enormous talents for helping her clients create a style which is tailored to suit their life style and their personality, is a true gift. She has an eye for color and line, for texture and coordination, which can't be beat.

Let her into your closet and miracles will happen. She will help you rid yourself of things that you haven't worn in years because they just weren't right, but you couldn't bear to give them away because maybe you'd find a use for them in the future. She'll also help you discover from your current inventory things that work well together that you never before considered combining. When she gives you your color chart something about it will feel just right. It is as if you have always known that those colors worked for you, but never paid attention to it. So, perhaps you were wearing things that were too bright, didn't pick up on your hair and skin color, just because you liked the color in and of itself.

Then there is the shopping part. After Marta has worked her magic with what you have you will have the opportunity to go shopping with her, if you wish. I can tell you from my own experience that there is nothing like shopping with this clothes wizard. She is respectful of your budget and will actually help you to save money if that is your goal. She has a quick eye for what will work and goes right to the style and color that is just right for you.

I have worked with Marta for several years and can tell you that it has changed how I think about my clothing and my overall sense of what to wear and how to accessorize for multiple occasions in my life. I highly recommend her services to you. She is fun to work with and you'll give yourself a treat and be surprised by the outcome of becoming more confident in the world of style.

— Joan Cole, Psychotherapist in Oakland

    "Marta is wonderful to work with and her costume designs have a lot of flair.  She is so energetic and dedicated to getting the job done.  Marta knows how to come in under budget and she gets the job done on time."

    — Jackie Jordan, Managing Director at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco

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    If you'd like some professional guidance to help you select the right pieces for your wardrobe, call to set up a personal shopping appointment.

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